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Our Response to COVID-19

At Island Joe's we want to make sure that we are not only keeping our employees safe, but our customers too. We recommend that if you feel ill with Covid-19 symptoms, please visit us another time when you feel better so that everyone remains healthy.

Surgical Mask


We do not require all our employees and customers to wear masks at all times. For your own safety as well as others inside the cafe, please feel free to wear a mask if you choose to do so.

Sanitizing Spray Bottles


After the use of tables, chairs, and anything else at both of our locations, we make sure to sanitize it and make it safely ready for the next customer or employee.

Drive Thru

drive thru

At Island Joe's Cafe, if you do not feel comfortable coming inside, our Drive Thru is open for your convenience. You may also come inside to place your to-go order, or our dining room has re-opened for your dine-in pleasure.

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